two to three years ago I was using the restroom at my home and I strained to hard and put pressure on my face and ear, the next thing I hear is a loud pop in my right ear, every night when I go to bed and I lay down on the right side of my head, I keep hearing my heartbeat in my ear, it's keeping me awake at night and sometime I have to use earplugs to sleep, sometimes it helps but I can still hear it in my right ear when I'm trying to sleep and it keeps me awake, I have tried everything I know of from earplugs, gone to an ent, they don't find anything wrong, I have tried apple cider vinegar and ear drops and apple cider vinegar as ear drops  and nothing seems to help, can anyone please help me here, how can I get rid of this pulsing in my ear every night???? Please help!!!!