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I have had this a couple of times and today. It comes on so quickly.First a really gripping pain between my shoulder blades and through to my sternum. Lasts for what seems like ages getting really painful and then eases off.But dull ache is still in between my shoulder blades and feels sore if I breath in sharply. Almost like I have bruised it.I know I havent done anything like moved quickly or anything it just comes on.


Hello lilacben,

the pain that radiates between your sternum and shoulder blades that comes on suddenly and gets worse when you breath in is usually caused by either strained chest or back muscle or some air that has gotten trapped inside your chest. Both of these things go away on their own, with some rest and trying to find a comfortable position, since there really isn't much that can be done here anyway.

Luckily, this is nothing serious and it does go away on it's own fairly quickly, but I know that it does feel pretty scary. The worst thing is that anxiety and worry tend to make most of chest pains even worse, not to mention that the pain alone gets worse if you breathe fast. So, try to take it easy, for at least couple of hours and it should get better.