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I'm having this problem for a while now. I feel stiffness in my neck followed by headache episodes, located mostly in the back of my head. I also feel stabbing pain in my shoulder blades, especially when I cough or sneeze. Once in a while I experience tingling and numbness in my arms and legs. I'm really worried it may be a heart attack. I'm 57, not insured. 



It doesn't sound like a heart attack.  The pain in your shoulder blades may be due to strained muscles from improper posture or sleeping improperly.  You bed or pillow may need replacing or isn't the proper type for you.  Your tingling and numbness in your extremities by be due to pinced nerves along the spinal column.  The small muscles along your spinal column may be weak due to the lack of exercise.  Try sleeping on your back for a while without a pillow under your head.  If your bed is soft and sags in the middle this will case your spinal column to be misaligned.  But, try it anyway.  My guess is that you need to strengthen those back muscle by doing some exercise.  Try some aerobic exercise where you move your arms around with quick motions.  Try moving your arms in a circular motion repeatedly to exercise you deltoids in your back.