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I'm a 19 year old male, I was just tested for UTI's and STD's but all my tests came back negative. For the past several months I've had lots of discomfort while walking/sitting due to sensitivity. In the past two weeks I've also noticed a yellow crust over the opening of my urethral when I wake up, it's painful to get rid off and it has me worried as I haven't received any definitive diagnosis yet. The pain can be pretty bad at times so I want to get this resolved, does anyone know what this is?? If it helps I was diagnosed and treated for non sexual epiditimitus over 4 months ago, but that pain was in a totally different area...


Hi nhills,

"Yellow crust" sounds like pus.  You have an infection.  Your doctors should be able to identify the strain of bacteria causing this.

It may not be an STD or a typical UTI, but SOMETHING is infected.

See a urologist if it continues.  Definitely do not have sex until you know what it is.