I have suffered from stage 4 endometriosis since I was 17 yrs old, I was never suppose to get prenant, but I have a 11 yr old boy, and one on the way. I am 5 mos pregnant and I have been on the same dose of Oxycodone for 10 yrs 30mg tabs 5 times a day. Never had to up my dose, am doing great with that dosage. I was told last year I would never be able to conceive another child due to the endo. Well, as I said I am 5 mos pregnant. My pain doc in Vegas said there is no reason to take me off my meds, he has dozens of women on stuff ten times stronger and their babies were born totally normal and no addiction. My doc here is like it won't hurt the baby, but he is concerned it will be born with addiction, which they assured me that the baby will be fine, they can fix it. But his nurse has made me feel HORRIBLE. She called me in the room one day with some woman standing there, my doc wasn't there, and she said to me "you do realize this baby will be born with addiction, and you are hurting your baby!" I was baffled. She made me feel like such a loser, and she has been the first. All my docs know I have a legit reason and I am always very careful with my meds. And she is the only one who made me feel like dirt. I cried so hard over it. My mom wanted to get a hold of her. And tell her of the 9 surgeries and the pain i have suffered all these years. She is mad. I am trying to dose off the meds, and I can do it in my own time, I went from 5 a day to four a day, and the pharmacist said I was doing fine. And this nurse called the insurance co and they insisted to change my meds to taking qty6 5 mg tabs, 5 times a day and then two weeks later dose that down. My rx was for 504 tabs! It was ridiculous. My Pharmacist said it was highly unothodox to do it that way, he said the way I was doing it was better for me and baby. They are giving me anxiety attacks over this. I stopped cold turkey taking my zanax when I found out I was prego. But I didn't find out til I was 2 mos along, and I am worried that might affect the baby. Doc says no but what do I believe. If anyone can help, let me know. I am scared and hurt.