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Hi. I keep seeing really old posts, so i thought I would shed some light. Firstly, withdrawl is hell and there is no way to avoid it. Trust me. Many years ago I was a major narcotic abuser all started by a horrible car accident. You name it the doctors gave it to me. One thing they DIDN'T do was have my back when I wanted to be done with them. It was the most hellish situation I ever been in. BUT, I did get through it. Secondly, no matter how slowly you try to wean yourself you are still gonna have bad withdrawls for several days. A few months ago I had a doctor put me on a low dose methadone for my really bad chronic pain. He assured me it was a very low dose and long acting. When I told him I wanted off he gave two prescriptions and told me to follow the "weaning off" regimen. I did, but about 24hrs after my last pill the worst withdrawl set in. Where is my Dr, now? won't return my calls. Figures. in my opinion I think all doctors should be made to go through withdrawl. So, what I did was I keep 3 Lortabs 5/325 and when the withdrawl is just absolutely unbearable (the key is self control!!) relay on a friend or family member. ONLY use when in extreme distressed withdrawl. I HAD to deal with A LOT of symptoms still, but when I wanted to just rip my bones out of my body and then and ONLY then did I take the Loratab. The last one I cut into three pieces. Just be tough and brave my peeps. Here are a few things that I find essential to helping ease withdrawl.

My survival kit
My number one necessity is Pot. If you don't or haven't used it, be careful. It can make some people worse. It's greatest benefit is helping the nausea, and sleeping.

Drink A lot of Fluids. Water is best. Speaking of water BATHS. Hot baths are great. I was taking probably 10 a day. it's temporary but relief nonetheless.

Hot Tea.

There is a product that is called "slow-mag". it's slow acting magnesium. It Really helps with the "kicks" the restlessness.

Ibruprophen. Great for inflammation

and lastly but certain not least is ORGASMS. I swear to you!! Again, temporary. It is a great way to release endorphins And they come easily (no pun intended) Porn can be a great distraction. 

Anyway, please be careful. Go to the hospital if you feel hopeless, but be ready, hospitals do not care, and won't do too much for you. But you can never be too careful.

I promised myself never again. Twice is too many times. I have a lot of chronic pain, but I find other ways around it.
Pot is my new non addictive friend. Great for pain and nausea.

Isn't it amazing all the dangerous, addictive stuff that is legal? But a non-addicted weed is! Only here!! GOOD LUCK!!


I need some guidance: I started taking pain meds after delivering my daughter 2 years ago. I quickly increased from my dr prescribed 2-3 750mg vicodins to 10 a day. A friend of mine had 5 mg oxycontins, which she gladly handed over to me. Then my tolerance grew from there to the big oxy's. I hit rock bottom l year and 4 months ago. I started seeing a pay per visit Suboxone Dr.  He had me at 16 mgs a day to start, but saw the potential to taper me quickly and had me down to nothing in a few short months.  By this time last year, I was down to a quarter (2mg) a day.  I made it to 2 days, then a friend sold me two subs. I made those last a week.  Then I continued indefinitely on a quarter a day for a few months.  Last March, I moved and injured my back. I foolishly increased my sub intake to one pill a day to get through it. I think I was just looking for an excuse honestly. I was getting pretty depressed being sober.  I amped back up to 16 mgs a day again and have been there for a few months now.  I am at that point again where I can't believe I let myself get back here. The subs work to eleviate my withdrawals/cravings, but I am abusing them by not tapering down. Thank you all for your encouraging posts. I am ready to get back into being sober for real now.  Any suggestions for dealing with the  subs burning a hole in my purse?  Should I taper immediately? Down to what dosages?  Any help will save my life, and most likely my marriage.  My husband thinks I am down to a quarter a day still.  I feel horrible about it.





I have also been addicted to pain meds for many years and i have recently decided to quit...i was taking about 30-50 Loratab 10mgs a day not to mention all the roxys i sniff in between 30mg each time i snort....i have runined almost my whole life because of the addiction i am on my 2nd marriage and i actually got to marry my 1st love and i dont want to ruin this...She has supported me threw this whole thing so starting the 25th of november 2011 i will finially wake up and not take any pills,i been slowly weening myself down for the past 2 weeks im down to about 6-8 loratabs a day and no roxys...the withdrawls i am very familar with because i have detoxed was pure hell so i know what everyone is going for me i get lots of knee and back pain not to mention cold chills nightly never hungry i dont sleep i am very weak and dont feel motivated to do anything...i can not let the addiction win this time i have 2 kids and a wife and a full time job i love my life and i love everyone in my life and im ready to kick this addiction for good so i can better not only myself but everyone around me because right now everyone is suffering thats in my life....i give mad props to my wife for sticking with me through this and i can only promise to her that when i am better everything will be better...There is so much i wanna do in my life but cant do it because when i wake up in the morning all i think about is where im gonna get a pill and sometimes when i wake up i gota 1st find where im gonna get the money then i gota find the pills then i can use them....The process just seems to repeat its self...I know this time when im free and done from this i will never turn back ever....This will be my 2nd attempt at detoxing both times has been cold turkey...i been reading alot of other peoples post so i think ima try maybe smoking a little weed at night before i attempt to go to bed maybe the cough syrup with the DM in it imodium AD for the craps...Lots of fluids and ibuprofin and such for the pain....i will be on here through out my detox to let everyone know how its going and if anyone needs any advice or help or someone to talk to while they are also trying to detox  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** private e-mails not allowed*** Please read our Terms of Use