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I would like to find a good doctor for Zerona laser in New York City or Brooklyn, Staten Island ( not cost arm and leg too) . Would someone can give me some good suggestion or your opinion about that procedure. If anyone have the experience, I would like to heard from you about how is your opinion.


My sister gained a lot of weight after her first pregnancy and at first she was so depressed because she couldn't lose any. So after few months she joined the gym and the trainer told her at the beginning that the process of getting her fit like she used to be before pregnancy is going to take a while. So she started with exercising but managing everything was too difficult for her. At the end she started to consider different treatments and because her friend had good results with zerona laser procedure she decided to give it a try.

And she did the treatment and she was a little bit disappointed because the amount of the removed fat wasn't that big as she hoped for. But her friend was more than satisfied. So before you undergo this treatment you should talk to the surgeon and ask him how much of your body fat will be removed and what you can expect for your money.

Afterwards you can share your experience with us because every information regarding cosmetic surgeries is relevant.