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Hello, I have great pain on my breast. It feels like someone is grabbing them hand pressing hard. I also feel my nipples very hard and like fire.


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It would certainly make a difference if you told us your age but since you posted in the menopause section, I will presume you are around that age.

I only wanted to tell you that I had such problems as well, along with the sweating and insomnia. If you are approaching menopause, or if you are menopausal, every weird symptoms is probably due to hormonal fluctuation but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to check on them.

I had both physical and emotional symptoms, I was so negative and irritable with such mood swings and I refused to take hormonal therapy because my aunt had cervical cancer and I just didn’t want to risk it.

However, I did find a solution to my problems. I started taking whey. It’s been two years since I have been taking it and my symptoms are all gone. I would suggest you spoke to your doctor about foods that contain or boost estrogen levels in order to treat the symptoms.

But,….have that breast pain checked if you haven’t already.