I am 16 and I have been having my period since i was 11. when i first started, i didn't cramp or anything. But when i turned 13 my cramps (painful cramping) started and i threw up ALOT! It always shut me down and i could not move at all. It gets to the point where i started to cry. When i was 14 i lost my virginity, and after that when a new month starts my side cramps up and a week before my period my breast will get REAL tender. I am now 16 and when i have my period now, sometimes i cramp and sometimes i get no cramps, and i feel really nauseated as well. I started taking birth control for my cramping and just stopped taking them because they weren't any good. I do not have sex often, so i don't know if it's because of that. But my boyfriend and i had sex last week [unprotected] and he came inside me. My breast were hurting for the remainder of that week. And also i have a clear mucous with a little white in it, but it doesn't have an odor. Should i be worried and ask a doctor about these symptoms or are they normal. Oh, my periods are sometime irregular!