About a year ago, I went ice-skating with my best friend Shantelle, she went to sit down for a bit while i continued skating, I'm a fair skater and can get up to a pretty quick speed, anyways, I was skating along the side on the straight, when this kid (Must have been an ice-hockey player) came skidding to a sudden halt, spraying me with ice, it shocked me so much I jumped, lost my footing and slammed into the ice. I landed on my back and butt. Shantelle came racing over and i couldn't get up cause i was numb from the ice, so she went and got one of the Skating supervisors. She came over and helped me up and Shantelle helped me get to the bench. Now, It was a pretty hard fall but there was no pain for about 4 months. But now, the pain is getting more frequent and more painful, mainly when I sit on soft surfaces such as lounges. But the odd thing is, Its not continuous. It mainly hurts at night. One night I'll be in pain and the next i'll be perfectly fine. If it is fractured, could someone suggest any home remedies? I know you can have surgery to get it removed, but I don't ant doctors going up my bottom. I've always been aware that a females Tailbone is more exposed than a males, but I never knew it could cause such discomfort. So any remedies? Much love and God Bless xox