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it started today. i have! have sex, but after i had a pap test. it was all fine.
and it was a year ago. but today when i woke up i used the bathroom and i felt a burring felling after. it went away. but it comes back when i pee. could i have a HIV? o.O



Really you should go see your gynecologist especially if it's been a year since your last pap because it could be a number of things. They can fully test you again for stds just to make sure. It sounds like you have a bladder infection though. Burning is a very common side effect of bladder infections and std's. I get bladder infections all the time! If that's the case, then they will prescribe some antibiotics for you to take to help get rid of the infection. However you have to be careful while you're on antibiotics because they cause yeast infections so make sure to eat plenty and plenty of yogurt!!! Drinking cranberry 100% juice (not juice cocktail) is also very helpful but if you can't seem to drink it, try diluting it with water or even just drinking water. Basically you just need something to flush your system. Stay away from sugars. Also taking the AZO cranberry supplement found in almost all pharmacies is something you can take once a day if you can't stand cranberry juice.

All in all you still need to go to the gynecologist or even just your primary care physician. But most likely you've just got a bladder infection.