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I had a pap smear last Sept 17, 2012. I have been doing Pap smear for 20 years and I never complain about the pain. All previous pap was tolerable and I have a high tolerance when it comes to pain. My husband lost his job 2 years ago and we didn't have any medical insurance up to now. Last May I noticed I have lumps in my breast but since I don't have insurance,  I did a research on how to get a free mammogram and Pap smear. I found this program" Cancer Detection Program. All Women Counts". I called and inquired and I got qualified for free mammogram and Pap smear. They sent me 3 listing of the participating doctors that are close to where I live . Since I am very comfortable with female doctors, I decided to have my pap with the lady doctor in the list. My family doctor who had been doing my pap was really good and gentle. So in my mind I should pick this lady doctor without hesitation.

When I went to her office, she was nice and very accommodating and right after I filled out  all the necessary forms she called me in right away. When I entered the examination room, I saw the unwrapped plastic speculum sitting out already without anything under it (Paper towel, napkin or a piece of cloth to protect the speculum) it was sitting on top of a white metal lid. Not sure if that was a trash can or on top of a metal drawer. She asks me to undress waist down but she did not give me a gown. I told her I was wearing a one piece long dress and I could just pull up my dress if she gives me a drape and she did. When she put the speculum she did not use any lubricant. I am 60 years old and I am dry inside. I told her about it but she did not seem to care. The speculum as she was putting it inside and positioning it in a wide angle I could feel my vaginal skin was tearing up. When she was inserting the stick it felt like she was cutting my skin inside with a scissors and I was in so much pain. Then another stick which is less painful than the first one. After she removed the speculum with some blood on it, I was so relieved and I thought it was over. Then she told me she needs to put her finger inside to check for bumps/lumps. That's when I saw she was wearing a white non latex glove and it was so loose that it kept on moving around her fingers. (Gloves that you see when you buy a hair dye that comes in the box) She inserted her finger without a lubricant and a very loose gloves and she mercilessly forced her finger inside me. Imagine how a loose glove could slide in. That was the most painful part that I had experience in my whole life. It felt like I was being skinned alive. I was telling her that it was grossly painful but she just ignored me. After that I stood up she told me to take  my dress off  that she needs to examine my breast and I was thinking I have no gown so she wants me to strip down in from of her. I told her no I am leaving.

Now I have pain inside my pelvic, my back hips, inside my uterus. I have discharge; my bladder feels like it's always full. I never had this experience with any of my OB GYN. This is so far the most traumatic experience I ever had. I was crying when I got home because it felt like I was rape. I was also having self pity to go through all of these because I have no insurance and I have no choice. Now I am waiting to see if my discharge will go away without seeing a doctor (sigh). Thanks to others for sharing their experience.



I am not sure if you will see this, considering your post is 6 months old, but I had a similar experience two days ago getting a painful pap smear done. I'm not sure why these doctors are forcefully scraping our cervixes and not listening to us. I am leaning toward believing it is a manifestation of evil that is covered up by layers of propaganda. This test was invented by men in the 40s and is horribly outdated.I feel like I have to pee all the time after this test, too, and I don't know what to do. I called the doctor and she wouldn't even speak with me on the phone. These medical practitioners make me sick to my stomach, there is something seriously wrong with them. Perhaps they are psychopaths, but they hide under the blanket of medical propaganda so no one ever notices.