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I'm 19 and have a lump on my ear. It has been getting bigger and bigger over past few weeks. Its hard and doesn't move. It also does not hurt at all. It's red and a pretty good size lump. Has anyone ever experienced this? Should I get it checked out. I'm not the type to worry thats why i'm wondering if this is something to get checked out or something. I don't know if i should be worried or not.



I have this all the time. Mine is rarely red though, so it may differ. Mine happens to be pieces of hardened necrosis, or puss or whatever you call it. I always have a few in my earlobes, I don't know why. It is similar to the ones that occur on the eye (hardened patches) that I used to get a lot in my childhood. My theory is that cold may affect it, although I have it year round. Most occur deeply so it is difficult to tell what this lump consists of. Most also go away with time, gradually getting smaller and harder. It takes a long time to go away.

I think yours maybe something like mine, since it is red (infection, inflammation, along those lines). I haven't found a need to see a doctor with it. I found that sometimes I can squeeze it (to make it gradually come to the surface) and then puncture it during the early stages. That is how I know what those lumps consist of. Hopefully, yours is as benign as mine are.

That is just my experience with lumpy ears... and I can never get ear peircings. :-)

---from the 20 year old that has trouble living :-)