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I am a 14 year old female and i have been having really bad pains in the right side of my stomach pretty close to my lungs... right accross from my spleen. It started out on the right side of my stomach above my hip bone but it moved up and got worse. should i see a doctor?


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Yes, you should see a doctor if the pain has been persistent. You need to be checked to realize what the problem may be.

It is impossible to say according to your symptoms. It is usually gallstones that hurt on the upper right but the pain usually occurs after fat and spicy meals and at night. Although you are 14, if you are predisposed (family link), you could get gallstones this young. However, I am not sure that the pain would start in the lower part and then move upward.

Liver is also there but you definitely sound too young for a liver disease.

Are you sure that you haven’t pulled a muscle or something like that? It is hard to think of anything without any accompanying symptoms, triggers and of course tests.

So, talk to your parents about the pain and see a GP.


I am a 25 yr old female who is having nausea, vomiting, dizzines and backs side pain. I currently have my period and the last thing I ate was crispy chicken strips. Or at least that is what I vomited. I am in a lot of pain and I fear passing out. What is wrong?