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I have been having sharp pains in my right side towards the bottom and in back in the same area for 4 days and yesterday when I woke up I started having hot and cold sweats then about 2 hours later I started having diarrhea and feeling sick to my stomach like I am about to throw up. then a couple minutes later I started feeling very dizzy headed. and now I am having sharp pains under the bottom of my ribs and under my left armpit. I have no energy or strength to do anything. I had my gallbladder took out back in march so i don't think it is from that. while I am having a hot flash i will check my temp by mouth and it would be 99.5 or 99.3 and when I have a cold sweat/flash its around 97.7-98.1 my normal is 98.1-98.3 and the only time I ran a fever was when I had my last gallbladder attack and it was 103.6 never ran a fever before or after the attack.. can any one please help me and tell me what is causing all this???? I don't wanna go to the ER cause for 4 years every time I had a gallbladder attack they just checked my urine and said it was a UTI (urinary tract infection) or bladder infection and a couple of the doctor's looked me right in the eyes and said "there is no way you could be in this much pain" and i was double over crying my eyes out and I finally went to another ER and told them and they finally tested for gallstones and thank god they did cause if I would have had 1 more attack it would have killed me but I don't want them trying to say it's the same thing as last time when I know it ain't.... PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! 


I forgot to mention I am only 21 and Female and if it helps any I am 5'5 and weigh 130 pounds and I also have scoliosis in my back.... really need help figuring out what is wrong with me thanks xoxoxo