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Hey, I am a 15 year old boy, I am 5"9 and 83kg, I have been having pains in my right torso and left torso area it's like a stabbing pain and sometimes it's in my groin area. I have a larger right testicle then left and I am worried that I have testicular cancer spread to my liver and kidneys, do my symptoms fit any of the cancers?


There are other reasons for a difference in testicle size besides cancer. A slight difference is normal or you could have an infection. Do you know how to perform a testicular self exam?

It could be a kidney stone or something else. They are becoming very common in young adults.

You should see a doctor to rule things out and put your mind at ease. I know it is embarrassing at your age to tell your parents why you need to see a doctor but you must. They will understand.

Good luck.