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My name is mike kharel and i am currently 15 years old.i have been in australia for six and half years. my family came australia for a better education and alsobecause my dad is a chef. he got a sponsorship in a resturant here.I suffer high-level of anxiety, panic attacks, sadness , depression and depersonalization it all began in 2nd october 2009 when i was playing cricket in the back yard with my friend and siblings. i was bowling then suddnely i had a sudden headache like a vein in my brain was pulling really hard my mind went completly blank.

than later i felt like passing out.. five day later i went hospital and the docotor said thatnothing is wrong. it might be a migrain headache.. but i used to think that i had a stroke or something like that. than a month later i went hospital againthis time i head my neck x-ray and it all came out fine.. but even after that i had headache everyday 24/7sometimes out of control. than in april 2012 i went to my Gp. she perscribe me with a medicne to relivemy headache. i took that medicine for two months. but it did nothing.. i hard hard time sleeping. than i went to Gp againand this time she told me to do a eye check and it all came fine. so she told me to do a CT scan of my brain and it came out all fine too. than she referd me to a specialist children docoter.the doctor perscribed me with a medicine called INDERAL 10MG. i started with taking two tablets a day. the medicine was to lower my blood pressurethan i went to him again and he told me to take three tablets a day. than a month later i fainted in a shopping mall.i was shopping with my mum when suddenly i started feeling light headed and weak. then suddnely i started screaming "HELPHELP! I GOT A STROKE. SOMEBODY CALL A AMBULANCE" i was on the grounded. my heart was body was all cold and shivering.. than the people working in the shop calledambulance and i was taken to a nearst hospital. there i was kept for three days. in those day i had my blood, urine,ECG and other thing testedand all came out fine.....the doctors said i had a constant migraine headache. then i was told to continue with my speciallist doctor and continue the medicine. from that day i had a anxious feeling..than i did a MRI of my brain and it all came out fine. than after two weeks i was little bit better. i went skool, watched tv played in the backyard and played four cricket matches for my club and i even went on one hiking camp from school. for a month i was like better. than one day when taking a bag out of the car boot. the door came and hit me on the head. two days later i had school and i went schoolwhile i was walking i had a light headness and same dizziness that i had month later when iwas taken hosptial in a ambulance.then i didnt go school for a months. i was at home. i couldn't go out my self. i feel dizzy even when i was standing for a bit, weak, wornout, tired, tingling hands, sweaty hands. low body tempeture and more. then my dad took me to a city hosptial called Royal childrens hospital melbourne. there the doctor said that it might me that medicine inderal 10mgand neurologically i am all fine. than i went back to my speciallist doctor because i was still not better.

he told me to do a blood test and i did and perscribed me with anti-deppressant tablets called. LOVAN 20the bl,ood test came all fine. i only had a vitamin D defincy. the doctor said i had low vitamin d in mybody because i dont go out. i than started taking a vitamin tablet one a day and the anti-deppressant half a tablet a daythan two weeks later one a day. slowly i quit my other medicine INDERAL 10MG that i was taking for 5-6 months. than two weeks later from 28th january 2013 i started taking one anti-deprressant tableta day. slowly started going to school but i feel anxious all day. unable to stay calm, feel like i am not living a life, like i am watching myselfwhen i look in the mirrior it feels strange.the feeling of unreal is so scary. my mind is all blank, i cant rember everything. itfeels like some dark clouds are trying to cover my mind.

now i started counselling at school because my family cant afford a psycologist. i only had two lessons with my psycologist. he taught me some stretchingand breathing exercises. in last 8 months my family spend over $12,000 on my health. only my dad earns and i have six peoplein my family inculding me. we live in rented house and we are not australian permanant resident. we dont have a medicare so thats the biggest problembecause we cant get all the free treatment.. for example we pay $60 every visit to GP. $140 specialist per visit. $400 for an entry in hospital. $400 for a ct scan$650 for mri and so on.

i want to live study engineering, and play cricket. serve Australia in any way i can..

i want to get bettter and start runnig by myself.


there are many many people out there suffering with anxiety even my self and all of your symptoms I have plus many more I Have bad head pains dizziness fast heart rate feel Riley weak feeling sick all the time. It is all just anxiety and you and your family are doing the right thing bye getting the help you need you can't just beat anxiety on your owen trust me I have tryed and has not worked and your dr about CBT therapy

And just to let you no there are more then 100 symptoms of anxiety look them up you will be surprise what anxiety can do to you the only thing it can't and won't do is kill you