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hello everyone. Im 17 and i recnetly over the last few months started to suffer from panic attacks and anxitety. this came out of the blue and now it happens everyday. Im on some pills now im not sure of the name but one is for immediate relief its in the form of wafers and one is long term. But anyhow, i play football and our coach makes us run like no other like for summer practices we have to do TONS of running and i find that when im running and doing physical excercise my breathing from these panic attacks gets worse and i start to freak out. Even while on the meds i still get these during workouts etc. I want to know if anyone has any advice or can help me feel better about this problem. Football starts in six days and at this point in time im not even sure i can play but i want to but im just a mess right now. PLEASE HELP!! thanks in advnacee


There is an underlying reason why you are getting panic attacks when you play football. Maybe it is from the stress and anxiety of it all

I would talk to the doctor who prescribed the meds about this for some input

Feel better soon