I have had parasites 3 years.In a forum where Doctors weigh in, 20+ Doctors all suggested I had Parasitic delusions. One Doc Wrote I have seen several Doctors ad I don't like their answers so I move on. Not True. One Doctor, my then new PCP wouldn't look at a sample I brought in a Ziplock, but had me take it to the lab. It was 15 hours old. Of coarse the test was negative. I finally had to get a colonoscopy, but not without hardship to get a referral, because I was told they are ot to look for worms. I demanded at 55 I needed one. The Doctor did look at samples and agrees they look like worms and sent them of to lab. Problem is they are ropeworms, They do not exist according to USA However Russia does have medical papers published. What are the tests offered now besides the O&P since CDC states that can take 8 or more and Drs never have ordered more than one for me plus they are known to be inaccurate. Help, They are killing me! I have pictures and never can get an answer as to the masses I expel. Thank you in advance.