I ran across MANY different forums regarding odd masses in poo. some say it looks like a smooth carrot, a pea, a bean, a pineapple or potato chunk, white, yellow, orange, red, and brown!!

I am currently experiencing the "chunks"; rectangular in shape, yellow with some brown, floaty (another description that is important for the proper diagnosis).

I had not idea what these things were, common sense and a history of gastric system health issues made me consider that they were simply fat deposits. After 2 hours of searching and reading through SO many peoples problems and scares I believe I have 2 answers for you all.

Fat deposits and Extended release TABLETS.

Review Poo Pods and Casein pods especially if you find that your toilet stew is more on the meats and potatoes variety. You have rectangular chunks in white, yell, or orange colors, and they FLOAT. These are undigested fat deposits and you should consult a GI. Not you primary physician. GO TO A SPECIALIST. If your unsure this is your problem do an image search. SURE its nasty but its better too look and have some reassurance. This can lead to or be caused by many problems, some severe. I am NOT trying to scare you but I am guilty of waiting too long to go to the doctor for problems and got the short end of the stick too many times. moral of the story: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

Others, research pill pods, or undigested extended release pills, or, if you know that you are taking an XR and know the name, research undigested [insert Rx name]. This is for those experiencing pods/masses/deposits of any color, oblong, bean or pea shaped, and shiny or smooth exterior. Most cases this isn't a severe or disconcerting issue. The worst case scenario is likely a poor diet or not enough bile. Still see a specialist to confirm but at least you can go in with an idea.

Sometimes doctors don't like patients coming in with a self-diagnosis but try saying that you are experiencing XYZ and that you did some research, is it possible to test me for ABC just so that we can eliminate 123.

I am actually going to a follow up with my GI in 3 days. If she has any info that I can share with you all I will get back to tapping the keys ASAP. I'll also Gladly inform you of what she comes up with for my diagnosis.

Best of luck in your digestive health!!