New study found that patients diagnosed with kidney disorder are not referred to a specialists soon enough and experts recommend that those patients should be referred to nephrologists when they reach stage 4 in their disease. This can lead to decreased number of hospitalization cases and death for kidney patients. Research discovered that up to 80% of kidney patients who begin dialysis are referred late to nephrologists. Statistics claim that there are about 26 million people diagnosed with kidney disease in USA only and prognosis are that there will be more than half million cases of end-stage kidney disease by 2015.

Experts say that it’s very important to visit specialists as soon as possible because people don’t age into cancer or AIDS, they can age into chronic kidney disorder. It was found during the research that many people are not even aware that they have problem with kidneys and because of that they fail to obtain appropriate care that can help them manage their health problems. There are many reasons why people hesitate to see specialists and one of them is lack of understanding the factors responsible for kidney disease.