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From What I have gathered Penis enlargement is mainly a MYTH especially GIRTH enhancement.

[going from flaccid to erect does not count as true long term enlargement, a play on words that keeps men buying!]

Pumps engorge you to your natural potential ONLY, [and can injure you] so from flaccid to erect yes it causes a change, but no further then natural, no lastring gains over time.

Pills are complete BS

Exercises like jelqing less then 1 inch either way, length or girth from 99% of anyone that tries it. Hard work little gain...

The only SCIENTIFIC evidence I have ever seen showed a traction device could give about .9 of an inch to guys the had micro penises of 3-4 inches. No real tests have ever been done to prove traction works on normal size guys of 5-6 inches.

The bigger question is What is behind this need, what are the true needs vs desires of women, and what can men REALISTICALLY do to actually address the crux is these issues? Practical advise is needed not selling bs hopes..

Honesty with and from your Women, via openness and loss of shame and loss of any sense of inadequacy are key.

What is the Anatomical truth for women in general and what is the specific truth for the woman I am with is also key...


It hurts you