I'm just reading the article on Ectopic Preganacy and wordering if that's what I have. It's been 2 months since my last period. My period is always on time 30 days cycle. I've never missed a period ever. in in January for 2 days February 3 days which never happend before normally I have my period for 5 days and April it came normal which was the last time i had my period.

I took 3 home tests all came back negative went to the doctor for a urine test it came back negative went again for a blood test it shows that I had an early abortion (a mischarriage), but i still have the qeasy feelings, headaches, tiredness, irriating and gaining weight. I went to a gyn been doing so every two weeks with nothing to confirm as yet. Still don't know for sure if I'm pregnant or not.

Have to go back next week for another ultra sound for a final decision whether they need to schedule me for scraping for the miscarriage. In the meantime I should rush to the hospital if I have any severe tummy ache or heavy bleeding at nite.

So far nothing..... except the feeling that I'm pregnant.