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i have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and we have almost never use protection, but i have never gotten pregnant, not with him at least.... in a past relationship i became pregnant but miscarried at 11 weeks, and my body has never been the same after. i miss periods sometimes, and when i do i always think im pregnant!.. so i take a test and its always negative. this time is different however, i have been having a regular period for about 8 months and it comes somewhere between the end of a month (28th) and the beggining of the next (5th). it has been comming for at least 5 days if not more. but in january i got 2 days of spotting, and in february i never got my period... it is now feb. 21st and my breasts/nipples have been really tender... i took a pregnancy test, but i think i waited too long to read it (because i was told it takes 4 hours to build up the hormone that the test reads in your pee.. and i also have been peeing like crazy... so i waited and took it at 4 in the morning... and went back to sleep and forgot all about the test).. anyways when i came back in the morning there was a very faint positive line... i mean faint but still visible... so now its just all i can think about!.. i mean im going crazy!.. and i dont want to take another test because im afraid it will be negative :cry: .. i really want a baby.. and im just on an emotional rollercoaster!... also i have read online that diarrhea (sorry i no thats nasty)... is a symptom.. and guess who's had it for like 3 weeks strait??.. me!.. so does that sound like pregnancy??... And why havent i gotten pregnant again?... the miscarrige was almost 3 years ago!.. wats wrong with me??... and can miscarriges leave you infertile?

i need some advice! asap!

thanks a bunch...


It doesnt matter if the postive line is faint or friend had a faint postive line and she is 6 months pregs rite now. You could very well be pregs. Get id done professionally.