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My period is four days late and I recently purchased four HPTs and took two already, one yesterday evening and in the result window there was a light positive and took another one this afternoon and the same result a light positive. Could I just be imagining this or am I really pregnant? I am going to retest #3 first thing in the morning, hopefully I will get a darker positive.


Yes your pregnant, from what ive heard its rare to get a false positive.

The reason its so light is maybe your HCG levels arnt that high yet - this is the pregnancy horomone that the tests pick up on to determine whether you are pregnant or not.

I dont think you need to re-test, I think you have your answer right there. Pick up the phone and make an appointment with the doctor.

When me and my husband were trying, I tested on the day I was due and got the faintest line, it was barely there. I was stunned and wondered if I was really pregnant as I didnt have any symptoms. Anyway, I kept testing and testing - god knows how much money I spent lol, the line got darker week by week.

Congratulations by the way. :-)