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Like the subject says I am almost two weeks late for my period as I was expecting my period to arrive on the 24th - 25th of March; but it was a no show. I have been experiencing swollen and tender breasts, light cramping on my left side and sometimes in the middle, night and morning sickness, been more tired than usual, and last night (April 2nd) I noticed some pink/red blood after I wiped and this morning it a turned to brown and stopped. There was also no blood on the pad I had worn over night either. I have yet to take a test as I have been hopeful many times in the past and fear this is just another one of those times.

(: Thanks in advance for your replies!


there is a possible that u might be pregnant your experiencing some of the symptoms that indicate pregnancy you should take the test or go see a doctor to make sure that nothing is wrong. other symptoms of pregnancy are the urge to pee often, your nipples have gotten darker and fatigue. another reason why ur period would be late is if ur under stress.