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I need help I'm really confused :-(

Okay so here's what's going on.. I think I'm pregnant! I've been feeling all the signs, nausea [not vomiting, but just feeling sick ALL the time], cramps, tiredness, mood swings, headaches, urinating a lot, and I have an increased sensitivity to odors, and I just have this feeling..

About a week ago [28th May] I went to the toilet as normal, when I went to wipe I found discharge that was brown. There was nothing in my underwear to suggest spotting, but nothing like that has ever happened before. My cycle is very regular, and it struck me as odd that I had brown discharge. Me and my partner have a very active sex life so we had sex pretty much every day before that, so I can't pinpoint when exactly we had sex, as we had it quite a lot.

I did do a HPT [5th June] which came up negative, and I did get my period yesterday [6th June] - but I just have this feeling that I am pregnant? Could the brown discharge be a sign of my period coming, or Implantation bleeding? Like I said, I've never had it before so I'm a little worried!

[Just for your information, me and my partner do not use condoms as I am allergic to Latex, but I am on the pill]


hey their, just thought i would have a quick reply,
i am sort of going through the same thing as you but a little different... i just got off the pill a month ago though and it is very hard to fall pregnant on the pill, if you skipped a pill then that is generally normal having discharge, but i think if you still got your period then you may not be pregnant, i'm only talking from experience but if it was lighter then usual then their maybe a chance coz one of my friends have fallen pregnant on the pill, but yea i probably was not much help but try not to stress out! take care :-)

PS. sorry i just re-red it, and hmm not sure about the symptoms, i am getting the exact same symptoms as you and all my tests have come up negative so far, i'm guessing you dont want to fall pregnant? i would suggest just wait a little bit... well thats what i have to do for now...