As of today I'm 15 days late but yesterday i noticed light pinkish brown discharge with slight cramping after using the restroom and i'm not sure if i'm pregnant! I went to my obgyn and she said that theres a good that i conceived later then i think even if i did but right now she can not see anything and she did her exam and she said i'm perfectly fine in that area, Basically i missed a month of January NO PEROID???I took a pregnancy test and that showed ng so I confused and unsure...Theres noting esle wrong with me as far a my health and stress comes goes but i have never missed a whole month my peroids are 30 days apart........... never earlier or late... i been tracking my peroid for 6 months! I just want to know if i'm pregnant.. I do hope so I have been back and forth all month trying to figure thist out anyone with some advice or in the same boat.