I need some advice asap. On Sunday i noticed some discharge coming from my penis. On Monday I went to the sexual health clinic and had all the usual tests done by the doctor. She looked under the microscope at the discharge taken from the urethra and said she could not see any gonnoreha. She treated me with a 1 course/1off treatment of antiniotics = 2 tablets.

Although the information i have read says that you should not have sex for seven days, how long does it usually take to clear up urethritis with this treatment? The discharge has been gone since monday night. It is now wednesday night.

Also, if I kiss my partner, can I pass on Urethritis?

I have had the same sypmtons before, and after having the full tests done, I was negative for chlamydia and gonoreahha, therefore the doctor said it was urethritis.

I have not had any pain, itching, aching, burning when I pee etc. The only sympton i have had is the discharge.


Can my partner catch it from me just by kissing?
How long after taking the treatment should the antibiotic take affect, thus, clearing up the infection? Bearing in mind that within 6 hours, the discharge had ceased. It's been three days now and still nor further discharge.

I would really appreciate some help here from people with similar experiences, or even, doctors who read this forum.

It is really stressing me out, so the sooner the replies come, the better!

Really appreciate your help.