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Hi guys, I'm 15 and have become increasingly worried about a possible penile disorder I may have.

When I get an erection my foreskins remains over my penis head. I can pull my foreskin back so it is just underneath the head where it will usually stay there. I can do this easily and it doesn't hurt, which makes me think I do NOT have Phimosis but I'm not sure. 

I can pull my foreskin further down my shaft and it doesn't really hurt at all, but when I pull my foreskin all the way down my head folds over and becomes a little bigger, which appears to be because of my frenulum, so I think I may have Frenulum Breve.

Can anyone help me and tell me whether this is Phimosis, Frenulum Breve or actually normal? (I know my foreskin should come down during an erection, but the later part about my frenulum)


Hi Red,

It sounds like frenulum breve.  You can slide your foreskin easily so it is not phimosis.

A couple of things.  You are still growing.  It is likely that your penis is going to grow a bit more and the foreskin loosen.  Maybe you'll outgrow it.

You should check with a urologist.  This is their area of expertise.  There is a relatively simple procedure that can be done to "fix" it.

Good luck.


Ok, thanks for your help.
Had to use new account as something with the registration progress didn't work, I think I forgot to activate my account on Redshift.

Yeah, so thank you for your help and I will book an appointment to see the doctor or a urologist to get a professional opinion from someone in person on whether I need a frenuplasty (I believe this is the procedure) or not.



Phimosis is a Greek word that describes the condition of having a foreskin that won't retract. Your foreskin does retract so you don't have phimosis.

Since the head of your penis folds over, you have frenulum breve.