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Im 17 years old... and i'm a VERY late bloomer. I barely have pit hair (just started coming in.. barely) and have always been worried about my foreskin troubles. I'm already nervous about not being circumcised, because where i live, everyone i know is.

My problem is i can only retract it possibly halfway down, and then it starts hurting a little bit, and then i don't want to push it.

I'm worried that this could affect relationships, and wanted to know if i should go check to see if i have phymosis, or am i just not finished growing out?

EDIT: i've checked twice now, and i believe that my penile frenulum (i think that's what its called) is too short. its restricting how far i can pull it down and thats where it starts hurting, is when i stretch that thing. what is that sympton called, and is it easily fixed? would a doctor just cut the frenulum?


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If your frenulum is too short and constricting the foreskin, then your condition is called frenulum breve. This condition is easily fixed in a minor procedure called frenulectomy in which an urologist would just make a few cuts on the frenulum and prolong it.
Following the procedure, you shouldn’t have any more troubles if the frenulum was too short.

If you have phimosis, then you may want to discuss with an urologist your option. Personally, I think that circumcision should be the last option and that if there’s a way to avoid it, you certainly should.

I am also uncut and I believe that foreskin is there for a reason. You may want to read and learn about the foreskin function, so you wouldn’t feel left out because of the foreskin situation in your society.

Foreskin protects the penis, and the head, it also serves as a natural lubricator and men who have foreskin are more easily aroused while those men who are cut, their skin thickens in time and it may take longer for them to get it up.

You should see a doc to see which of the conditions you have and talk to your doctor about the best options.


Thanks a bunch for the reply,

I'll call my local doctor's office and schedule an appointment, most likely i have frenulum breve because if i just try to roll the foreskin thats closest to me it goes down, unlike the opposite side.

Is Frenulum breve common? And is phimosis just where the foreskin is too tight to fully come down?

I just tried and started going very slowly, when i got to the point where its almost behind my head i glanced over and my frenulum looks very taut.

EDIT: this might also be important, but while erect, i can barely even get it down halfway without hurting, and this isn't even the frenulum. *sigh*

Thanks again


My doctor looked at it today (boy was i nervous) he didn't really know much except that its not phimosis. He told me my frenulum could be too short, but the urologist will have to take a look at it. Could the frenulum be constricting the foreskin enough, so that when completely limp, i can retract it, but when erect (or half-erect) it won't?


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i saw a urologist today and he gave me some cream to help loosen up the skin etc... i'm supposed to use it for about 2 months. he even told me my frenulum was short, and says after that, we'll do a frenulectomy or frenuplasty

does anyone know if this stuff works?


Having known since 13/14 (I am now 24) that my frenulum was short, I eventually plucked up the courage to see my GP. I was referred to the Consultant Urologist who confirmed frenulum breve. Today, is the day after my OP! I had a frenuplasty done yesterday. My penis is too swollen and too sore to give you any feedback, however it went well and I have received a massive psychological boost. I am out of action for 4 weeks now, but I am looking forward.