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I got this pimple like thing on my vagina when i've got my period i think i've got it on my 2nd day of period. it's like a pimple thing and I've got 6 of them on my vagina. they're not in cluster, it's painful when I touch them and when i cross legs. is it normal? Until now they stay on my vagina. and it's my 4th day of having mens. I'm very worried I'm not sexually active but i'm not a virgin anymore. My bf doesnt have herpes or any infections or disease! please help I'm so worried and paranoid! thanks guys for the help :(please guys help me, I'm very very worried. :'( thanks  thank you in advance!


Hi Worried,

I have almost the same issue as you only i don't have 6. I normally get 1 (huge one) and its already giving me so much pain and discomfort. I can't tell you what to do cause I'm not a medicine personnel but thought I'd share with you what I did.

(1) clean it well, (2) avoid wearing tight clothing to allow more 'air circulation' and diminishing chances of growing the pimples from the heat, (3) use a clean cloth and dampened it with warm water to ease and relief the pain, (4) NEVER 'pop' it, (5) if it pops, let it drain, (6) apply antiseptic cream, (7) I wear panty liner (small one) so the affected area doesn't stain on my wears

of course, this was what I did cause I only had 1. after the draining, the pain will go away (a lot). In your case, if you are really worried, seek professional help. Visit a GP or a OBGYN, even if it does need to be removed, its better to do it at the clinic or a proper medical place.hope you get better.