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I'm only 14 and i have a lump on my left outer labia that looks and feels like a large pimple. It doesn't hurt unless i squeeze it, and i don't know if it could be herpes or a tumor, but I've never had sex before. I don't think its an ingrown hair because i haven't done hair removal b4. I don't know what to do and I'm kind of scared :'( anybody have any ideas? I've read another article like this but people said it's an ingrown hair or herpes. Please help!!


You can't get herpes if you haven't had sex or rubbed this area onto someone who has herpes.

It is definitely not a tumor but rather an infected hair follicle or an ordinary pimple. Leave it alone, don't squeeze it or poke it, it may get infected and hurt even more. Keep the area clean, don't apply any moisturizers on it and it will go away.