I have a pimple above my upper lip. There is barely any pain on the area that I can tell, but today my parents were staring at it and said they thought it was a cold sore! It just looked like a red spot when it started out a couple or few days ago, but I just messed with it and touched it too much. When I looked in the mirror tonight I saw that it had become a tiny slightly raised area that had a yellowish white crust in the center, and the skin looked a little pink around it.
I've always gotten that occasionally from stress, ever since I was old enough to get zits, and it just seemed like a normal pimple to me until my parents said that! I know my mom has a history of cold sores, and I accidentally used her tooth brush one day. This was a month or two ago, though. I panicked when I realized it was hers, but the brush was dry, and after a long time of not having trouble I figured the virus had died by then. (Before this pimple I did have a couple canker sores, by the way, but they were on the inside of my lip, on the soft tissue.) If I have a cold sore, I would die. I was at my boyfriend's house yesterday, and we were kissing... And he doesn't have medical insurance either! I would never forgive myself if I had something like that and transferred it to him. Does it sound like a cold sore virus to you?