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hi there i have a 3 and half year old child who has had this wet productive cough for 21 weeks now, during this time his gp surgery missed diagnosed pneumonia for six weeks and when eventually it was picked up he was put on anti-biotics. With this cough he is having bad wheezeness as he is undiagnosed asthmatic aswell.
At the moment we have just finished our fourth course of the same anti-biotics and the cough has not gone away he is more wheezer then before and is thirsty and grumpy.
Can any-one advise me as really relutant to see the gp as my faith and trust has gone due to the last two misdiagnosis


Since your doctor has already made two mistakes I think that it would be wise to seek second opinion. This is not that uncommon and my sister in law has done something like this few times. At the end she was right when she was suspecting in her doctor so you are allowed to think the same thing, after all they are not gods.

It has been a while since you have posted this question so now I am just wondering what have you done in the end. Have you changed your doctor or you have decided to trust him and what was the right diagnosis in the end of the whole story. Please share with us and thank you in advance.