I am a 25 year old mother of three. I had mirena put in in May of 08 after the birth of my daughter. Since then I haven't noticed any side effects of mirena at all. My periods have even been exactly the same as they were before. That is until lately.

Last month I started to feel as if I was pregnant and my period was a few days late so I took a test and I got a negative result. Then I got my period so I thought nothing more of it really. This whole month though I have been getting really bad headaches and it seems as if the pregnancy symptoms are progressing. Not to mention for no reason at all last month I woke up in the middle of the night throwing up.(which is something I did occasionally when I was preg. but I never really got chronic morning sickness)

Then this month, my period came normally. It has gone now, but am still feeling the same pregnancy symptoms. Then last night again I woke up throwing up for no reason. No one else in the house has been sick either time. Also last night before I got sick I started crying for no reason at all.

My husband is convinced that I am pregnant again. I told him that it would be a very rare event because I never had a period when I was pregnant before except implatation bleeding and I got the negative result.
It is starting to worry me though, but i don't want to go to the doc and look stupid. I feel like I am but is this even possible? Should I test again now even though I just got off my period? I am so confused. What is going on with my body.

I just don't want this to go on and on and me put things off and not know that I am pregnant and have the baby at home on the toilet or something like that that you hear of. I mean I have even felt movement in my lower abdomen, but put it off as possible gas. I don't want an unhealthy baby either.

We both want more children we just didn't want one right now because we have a 5 year old, 2 year old, and a 1 year old. If we were pregnant though, as long as everything was okay we would have reseervations, but would be very happy none the less.