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!!Hello I am a 21 yr old female who ( please excuse my straight forwardness and anything that may be TMI) had the mirena IUD 5yr put in at 15 (had an bad experience you could say/unwilling and my mom chose to have me get the mirena even though i did not want an i had it in for the 5 yrs and had it removed, had 1 mens cycle a few days after it was removed (all normal) and then had 1 shot of the depo and was due for it again between Dec 25th-Jan 8th and well i didnt want anymore. I got a mens cycle just last month March 6th and ended the 13th. My fiance and I are trying to have a baby and have been trying  a month now, but ive hit 2 ovulation cycles from before i got my mens cycle end of Feb and my last ovulation was the 20th of last month. my fiance and I are both VERY sexually active (1-2per day and not because we are trying) and well i am not supposed to be due for my next mens cycle til between the 3rd-6th of next month and well i have had a lot of headaches lately, moodiness, nausea, cramping, lightheaded, breasts a little tender, sudden need to have to pee, bloaty feeling and on march 30th after intercourse i had a little bit of brown, then the next morning just a little spot of reddish/pink, by that night just a little bit of pink and very little blood,then nothing until the night of april first their was about a spoonfull id guess of pink discharge with an odd odor on my tampax and then this morning /april 2nd/ their was a little bit of brown w/clearish discharge on my tampax and the rest of today has been nothing. please if anyone has went through this and if this is implantation bleeding? has anyone else had these same things and it be from being pregnant? THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND HELP:-D



Hi Sunraine6, those all do sound lots like pregnancy symptoms but they do also sound like PMS symptoms too.  You say you are expecting your period between the 3rd and 6th which would mean that it is about the time you could test on a home pregnancy test to see.  Remember that the best time to test is in the morning.  Hope this helps and good luck - fingers crossed for you