I am male 32 yrs. Suffering from Tingling / pins - and -needles sensation in both hands(Left hand is more). In 2011 January it happens suddenly in my right hand and hospitalized for a day, Lipid profile is de-arranged and blood pressure goes up (150/90), ECG shows AF with FVR. Doctors advised Tablets (ROSUVAS, FELICITA OD,ECOSPRIN,) and i took for 3 months then stopped. In 2011 May I noticed my left hand fingers and shoulder going numb, burning, and tingling very badly. Undergone for NCV test and the results are EARLY BILATERAL CTC, Vutamin B12 is less (<220), doctor advised to take tablets (Neurogardian, Arbital H{for blood pressure} -). I used these for 2 months and it give me some relief. Now starting 2012 January I’m facing the same problem also left side face going numb, giddiness/ rotatory feeling and again hospitalized undergone MRI brain , Spine Blood tests and the results are 'MRI Brain- Non-specific focus of Hyperinsentive signals in the right white matter region' and 'MRI - Spine - Mild disc dehydration notice at C3 to C7', B12 is now 512 (My Doctor says it’s VERTIGO for my giddiness/rotatory feeling). Now i am continuing tablets from 2 months for vertigo and tingling left hand fingers (Vertin 24, Stugeron, Ginko Bilabo, Methylcobalomin, gabapentin)- Finally i am still facing tingling sensation in my left hand.