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I may have to have cortisonebshot in heel. I have had plantar fascittis just diagnosed bout two mths ago but have had 10 yrs. Dr told me thats the next step Iif stretches dont work. They dont. He gave me celebrex and I thibk that is what stopped my pain but as soon as that was gone its back soo bad I cabt hardly walk. He doesnt like the shots because they are painful and temporary but who has had th ose? Please let me kno


I can't take celebrex, it bothers my stomach.  If the celebrex works for you, you need to stay on the celebrex, get it refilled.  It's an anti-depressant, and you can take it long term.  I had the cortizone shot in my heel, and by the next day, the pain had gone from pure agony to just slight tenderness.  The shot is no fun, but it's very worth the short term pain, to get rid of severe chronic pain, in my opinion.  That was weeks ago, and I am still, for the most part, out of pain.  For some people, these shots work for weeks or even months.  I am hoping it will be long term help in my case, since I can't take a lot of meds, due to a chronic systemic neuroimmune disease I have.  But if you can take celebrex, grate, that would probably be the best medication for you, since long term use of cortizone can have serious side effects, with some people.  Best of luck.