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I'm 43 year old male and until this happened I considered my self to be very healthy man.
I work as a doorman in one hotel and I have to stand almost all day in front of it. But, earlier, this didn’t cause me any problems.
Few days ago I woke up one morning with strange sensations coming from the bottom of my foot.
It began as a tenderness or mild pain on the sole of my foot near the arch or heel. Gradually it became more severe and localized to a spot under my heel that feels like a stone bruise or bone bruise.
The pain is almost always present in the morning and during the day- it disappears.
My doctor said that it could be some plantars fasciitis and I was hopping that someone could enlighten me with extra informations about this condition.


I can tell you few things about it because I suffered from it several years ago.
Plantar fasciitis is due to inflammation at the point where the ligament that supports the longitudinal arch (toe to heel) of the foot is attached to the bottom of the heel bone.
The plantar fascia is a ligament-like tissue that runs from the ball of your foot along the arch and inserts into the heel bone.
If the plantar fascia gets bruised or over-stretched, the inflammation causes the heel and foot pain.
This could be one extremely uncomfortable condition. It is a good idea to start trying to manage it early.
Best treatment for this condition is rest. You will probably quit your job for about a month.
Use an ice pack on the foot for 15 minutes after walking and massage the foot before getting out of bed in the morning. Use long strokes from the ball down to the heel. It should help.