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I recently have had a bout of heel pain. It is located above the heel and to the inner side, maybe at the lower extreme of the Achilles attachement. It is a spot pain which can be activated by pressing in a single spot (main pain) with some tenderness around the spot. Hurts with stretching but feels better when walking on toes or rolling on the outside of foot. I recently got new shoes (NB 4e wide) which seem a little sloppy in the heel. Pain seems to have started after new shoes but I've also been running/biking/swimming/XC skiing alot lately so it's hard to tell. Has anyone had similar experience. This looks to have the potential to couch me because it's too painful to just run through. Thanks for any help.


It could be Achilles tendonitis. If it is then you might need to take it easy for awhile. I am not sure if you can do anything put I know that sometimes with tendonitis you can get it taped and that helps out a lot.