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Okayy I am 14 years old and i am 5' 8" and I weigh almost 190. I get made fun of everyday by stupid kids and i really need to loose weight. Whenever i try to take a wake or jog i dont ever have the energy. I eat too much and i reli need to cut down. Someone please help me i need to loose weight fast and can never find a way to. I am begging anyone to help me. It really hurts my feelings when kids make fun of me. I can never get a boyfriend and it really hurts me alot. PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE PLEASE............


Never worry about anyone teasing you, most times you can change there negative input, into positive output, to achieve your goal.. BUT keep in mind you still only 14year old and your body as a young lady still needs to develop. ok thing will be way different at 18-19.

I know this works and if you try it I know it will work for you:

POSTED THIS TO SOMEONE ELSE - EDITED FOR HERE: PRINCIPLES ARE STILL THE SAME. you guys and gals are ok 14 so don't get down on yourself to much... if your serious and want the fat loss, here it is.

lose the body fat you need to a good diet and good cardio and resistance training..

High protein and low fat low carb diet, would be a good start, I did say low carbs not NO carbs ok.. your carb source should complex carbs.

eat more frequently but smaller meals. A good rule is eat every 2-3 hours, but, do not eat 2 hours before bed.

Drink plenty of water, at least 3-4 Litres day to help prevent dehydration, help with digestion and flushing the body of toxins.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Have at least 1 cheat day a week where you can eat one those bad things you want, this will help your metabolism and your sanity *********************************************

Cardio morning before food best time burn fat. (early morning) Cardio duration anything less than 30mins waste of time, try for 40min plus.


Warm-up thoroughly helps keep warm and not pull any muscles

Stretch between sets helps lengthen those muscles and get all those muscle fibres working

Exercise form good form will prevent injuries as well as give faster full muscle growth

Heavy weights used with good form will give you the best results muscle growth
Understand heavy weights does not mean you need to lift weight you can get the same benefit use rubber bands. If you choice to lift weight, heavy weights are to your personal ability. The purpose of resistance training is to make the muscle stronger, stronger muscle = more cals burnt which in turn equal .. FATLOSS..

IMPORTANT If your diet is still 10 pies or nothing to eat for half a day, it is serious is a waste of time, you will only fool yourself...
balance is the answer.

good luck