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I made a doctor appointment for my husband and made a list of all the things that were bothering him so he would not forget. Chest pain, blowing nose w/blood, tired all the time and spells of not feeling well and he wanted his blood checked and a chest xray. He just left a work enviroment where he was supposed to be respiratory fit tested for a mask and it never happened where he worked ( possible amounts of led were breathed in during his employment) He went to doctors and told doctor everything. Doctor did nothing except told him to go to ER. ER listened to his chest and said "you have Pleurisy " and gave him a script for ibuprophen they said they could not check his blood because they were an ER and they don't do that (blood tests) no xray was done either. This worries me because 15 years ago my husband had an irregular heart beat and the ER said they had 24hrs to get heart beat back in normal rythm or they were going to use the paddles. I am scared for my husband because I feel he did not get adequate treatment at doctors or ER. NOW WHAT DO WE DO? He his still not feeling well and felt like it was a waste of his time going to doctors in first place. Sometimes he just don't look well.



If you feel that orthodox medical care isn't working, take him to see a homeopath or naturopath. I've had great success in getting treated seeing these health care professionals.