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My husband slapped me repeatedly in the face over and over again after a wedding and before he even thought about it I was on the floor with him hitting me , someone said his cousin gave me a kiss but it wasn't even a romantic kiss it was a I love you family kiss and he looked at me and something just snapped in him, it was pretty bad it was a really bad scene I have never been hit by him before he just would not stop my cheeks are bruised my heart is broken so is his everything finally stopped him beat up his cousin pretty good as well something just snapped in him it was like it was not even him he did not see me as he was hitting me it was not my husband it was somebody else, I'm afraid something like that would happen again, he assured me that that will never happen again and that he will spend his life making it up to me I don't know what to think, I grew up watching my mother get beaten on but at the same time he has done nothing for the past two days but cry and look at his hands and cry knowing that those hands hurt the woman he loves he is never had anybody a woman before I just don't know what to think


I'm sorry if I was a Lil vague. It's still all so traumatic right now. He does know without a shadow of a doubt that I would never touch another man,but he said just for a split second he felt betrayed and couldn't stop .am I stupid for believing he feels terrible? Am I stupid for not calling the police?