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I had, what I thought was my normal period about 4 weeks ago, after 6days it stopped, a few days later I started to bleed again but it was more lighter than a period. This last about 6 days again then stopped for a couple of days then started again and is still on going. When I wipe its red on the t-roll and Ive had to wear a pad. I done a pregnancy test 3 days ago and it came out positive.

Im 26, first time being pregnant, Ive been really tired recently, was sick a few times last week. Is this normal implantation bleeding or could it be a miscarriage? I am seeing my Dr today


Well went to the doc and he said that going by my dates, roughly as my period was irregular, that its too early to determine whether this is a miscarriage or implantation. He said to give it another week and do another test then he'll book me in for an early scan. Im still bleeding and thats almost 4 weeks now! I should be about 3-4 weeks pregnant at least going on when I last had sex, since Ive been bleeding Ive not had intercourse.

Some feed back would be good girls!


Is this an OB/GYN or Family Practice doctor?

Some experts doubt the existence of Implantation bleeding and even if that was the case I fail to see how it would result in 4 weeks of bleeding. Your pregnancy test should be positive after 2 weeks.

If one of those bleeding episodes was a miscarriage then your HCG levels will decrease and the pregnancy test would be negative.

Are you having any pain with this bleeding?