I had a miscarriage on the 19th Feb the day after my positive test (well three positives!!) The first two were cheap own brand types and were VERY faint and the third was a digital with conception indicator. By my dates I made myself around 4w5d but the conception indicator made me more 3-4 weeks.

The Misc was confirmed by USS on 24th Feb- Uterus was empty with just some blood noted above the cervix and endometrium was VERY thin. I bled for one week then stopped dead on the friday only to start again on the Monday. Im still bleeding 4 days later, but very little on pad, I only notice it when wiping and its a fresh red loss.

Anyway today I took an (own brand) Urine hcg test and it was a stronger positive than it had been prior to miscarriage.

All I want to know is can the hcg levels increase that much after the miscarriage?? I took it expecting it to be faint or not there at all and was shocked when it came up so dark. Im not expecting to still be pregnant (its not realistic with the blood I have lost and the USS), but Im a little confused by it all!!!

Anyone had the same experience?? Or know any facts re: this??