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Hi, after trying to conceive with my husband for two years now, after IVF I finally got a positive pregnancy test. I’ve just got a confirmation from blood test that I definitely am pregnant, but what is worrying me is that I’m experiencing light brownish spotting for the last 2 days. It is about time I would get my period, so I thought it was simply that, but after the blood test came positive, it has me worried as to what is happening. Most experiences I’ve read seem to say that this bleeding most likely isn’t too serious – and I’m feeling perfectly fine, without pain. One info got me really interested though, it says there are bigger chances for this kind of early bleeding if you’re carrying twins. I would be happy if that was the case, but can anyone confirm this?


Hi Guest,

Bleeding, during the first trimester is common.  More so near when you'd expect your period.

I know of no study that indicates it means you are carrying twins by itself.  Certainly, with IVF and multiple eggs usually being implanted that does often happen however.

Good luck.