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i had sex with my girlfreind last month just couple of days before her periods, and my P was dry and inside her vgaina for only few second and there was no ejaculation, after this her period was delayed but she got her period, now this month her dates has been long passed but no periods so far, she had even done the pregnancy strip test but it was negative, even i am confused is it possible for any girl to get pregnant specially just by a touch that to couple of days before her periods......please reply 


Hi Romeo,

There is always a chance of pregnancy but in this case it is very unlikely.

Having sex just before her period is due, up to about 10 days before, it is unlikely she'd get pregnant.

It all depends upon when she ovulates but the egg is only viable about 48 hours after ovulation.  Ovulation normally is between days 11-16 of her cycle, day 1 is when her period starts.

So, the timing is bad.

She can be irregular.  Women can "miss" a period occasionally too.  Stress or anxiety can also delay her period.

When you test, be sure that she uses her first morning urine for best accuracy.  It does make a difference.

She could see her doctor, they'd run a pregnancy test.  You could also just wait and if her next period is late then see the doctor to find out why.