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My 19 month-old son has received grommets in both his ears a week ago. At first he seemed okay and just recovering, but today, 6 days after the operation he is very irritated and moaning and crying constantly. I also see him touching his ears often during the day. Is it normal for any pain/discomfort after this operation, should I be concerned? Everyone else who's children had this operation says that their children showed immediate relief afterwards, but I'm still waiting for this to happen?!


Hi Natasja 

That sound just like my daughter (13mths) she seems to be in pain a bit an very wingy, I aso only heard positive thiings about grommets. Never any pain or discomfort. I have just reyirned from the doctor who has prescribed antibiotics has she had a slight infection in her left ear, but she had the infection before the operation. I hope all gets better soon other wise it seems a waste of time.

I'm sorry I had no answeres for you, I just thought you would of liked  to know that your not the only one.

Regards Sarah