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Hey there everyone :)

Last week my crazy Boo just jumped into pool :) He was so funny because he was so scared and he was trying to swim :)

It was the first time for him that he was in the pool and I think that, after the first shock, he liked it :)

When we came home, I was bathing him, cleaning him and of course, I was cleaning his ears :)

But today, six days after this his ears are still dirty.

Do you know why? What this means? Should I let him to swim in the pool again? Tnx :)


Hey there.

There is a big possibility that your dog can caught some infection in the pool. That is why his ears might still be dirty. It is just like with people, when your dog swims he can accumulate water within their ears. But configuration of their ears is different from human and this is what makes water difficult to escape.

In this area it can be created yeast or bacteria, and this can lead to the infection of your dog’s ears.

I would suggest you to take your Boo to the vet and let him clean his ears.

Good luck.



Hi there.

I don’t know why his ears are still dirty. But I know that this dirt can cause the infection definitely. Now you need to take him to the vet, but next time you need to do this.

Well, since dogs won’t tolerate ear plugs, you may have to avoid swimming next time.

Keep hear hair clipped if your dog has a lot of fire. This is the way to improve air circulation.

Also, dietary support that includes natural anti – inflammatory and anti – bacterial prebiotics and probiotics will help your dog to fight possible ear infection.

Good luck with it.



Hello everyone.

This never happened to my dog and he is in the pool whole summer. Not just in the pool, he is swimming in the sea, in the river and sometimes when is very hot outside he jumps into fountain :)

But I never had problem cleaning his ears.

Luckily, my vet gave me natural remedy and I have this option just in case :) I know that a lot of people are against Hydrogen Peroxide, but if you add just three percent of it into water it is safe. This is not really an anti – bacterial remedy but it will help clean your dog ears after swimming.